About openTEAM

openTEAM becomes your Digital Marketing TEAM

openTEAM is built on the premise that tackling a new digital marketing initiative requires significant distraction, usually from key members of your team. Our team seeks to bridge the gap of expanding your leadership team for a wide variety of digital marketing and operational tasks on a contract basis.

openTEAM was founded by Scott Teger to fill the need to have on-demand trusted digital marketing and operational leadership. openTEAM is guided by his experience as a hands-on digital marketing leader. Throughout Scott's 20+ year career, he has built a strong background through entrepreneurship, engineering and operational leadership, with even deeper experience in advertising, marketing, analytics and related technologies.

With each initiative, we analyze the requirements and resources to best utilize your existing team in conjunction with our own small network of vetted marketing experts in order to bring the right mix. In all cases the end product will be a deliverable of openTEAM, with our reputation backing the result.

Values First

openTEAM has built a reputation on three key values:

  • Trust is paramount in any relationship, but especially as an outside vendor. We understand the gravity of the trust you are placing in us with your business, and will always treat it with respect.
  • Candor is the tough love you are paying us for. We are not here to fall in line with (unnecessary) bureaucracy... we will deliver objective, constructive results.
  • Respect is given to your entire business and its unique personality. Each project we are brought on is different in sensitivity, deliverables, and stake-holders and we are always cognizant of our position.


We dont have a secret! Combined with hard work and good communication, we follow our proven model to deliver results.

Strategize & Discover

This is where we get to know you, and learn what will make this project a success. Great advice starts here.

Research & Plan

Time to conduct research, evaluate resources, ideate, and deliver a plan that coincides with what is best for your business.


We have a plan everyone is excited about. It is time to implement and put our plan live in the real world

Evaluate & Refine

Analyze the results, iterate to meet the initial goals, or re-discover new opportunities and create new ones.