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In order to give you an idea of where we fit into your digital marketing strategy, we have prepared a subset of the types of projects we have tackled in the past with some example tasks, each organized into a digestible summary. Of course no engagement is the same so we implore you to contact us.

openTEAM has deep roots in performance marketing, party to more than half a billion dollars in spend, we understand what it takes to build a successful, flexible media buying operation from your first click through the life-cycle of most marketed products.

Example Tasks Include:
  • Attribution Analysis
  • Internal Process Audit
  • Publisher-Specific Best Practices
  • Performance Media Buying

Every business had a lane to pick, and decidedly found its groove. It takes a good amount of time, research, and sometimes the ability to see the forest from the trees for leadership to extend, expand or fully pivot. openTEAM acts as a member of your leadership team with an unbiased view to analyze, explore, and recommend digital marketing initiatives building on existing capabilities.

Example Tasks Include:
  • Capabilities Assessment
  • Competitor / Value-Add Research
  • Evolution Plan
  • New Business Modeling
  • Development & Execution

openTEAM derives its practice from a broad understanding of available digital marketing technology and its capabilities. With so many existing solutions, each with their own trade-offs, let us analyze your digital marketing needs and help make critical decisions on which technologies suit your goals the best.

Example Tasks Include:
  • Needs/Capability Assessment
  • Build/Buy/Migrate Assessment
  • Employee Resource Allocation
  • License Negotiation/Procurement
  • Systems and Process Definition

Networking is a time consuming process, however with a dedicated approach it can yield new opportunity. openTEAM provides professional reach-out and vetting to help develop new business initiative with the right contacts that may not already be in your existing network.

Example Tasks Include:
  • Existing Network Development
  • Contact Development
  • Discreet Communication
  • Meeting Coordination
  • Deal Making

Through the life cycle of most operating entities there are natural expansions/contractions, offshoots, re-orgs, etc. openTEAM has been through many scenarios and can help guide or lead a pragmatic approach to evaluating options and getting through your next shift.

Example Tasks Include:
  • Entity Formation
  • Coordinating Legal/Accounting
  • Setting up Business Peripherals (ie. bank, emails, software, etc)
  • Operations Framework

Business transactions require a great deal of focus, usually by key members of your team, taking them away from the core responsibilities that got you to this point in the first place. openTEAM provides objective senior-level management and perspective whether you are the buyer or are being bought.

Example Tasks Include:
  • Data Room Management
  • Due Diligence Coordination
  • Critical Analysis
  • Business Overlap
  • Post-Deal Planning

openTeam has built a reputation on the intersection of experience and reliable objectivity. Being hands on through many small and medium sized business problems and solutions has allowed us to see your own unique problem through a lens as if you magically brought on a new key stake holder.

Challenge us to bring the solution to your next digital marketing problem!