Buying Scale & Profit.

So you have built something amazing, and its ready for the world... It's time to strap it to a rocket and make it fly! At openTEAM, Performance Marketing is the act of putting accountability into the marketing equation and working aggressively to find ONLY winning sources of traffic to buy profit and scale.

What is Performance Marketing?

Performance Marketing is accountable media buying. Instead of paying an agency based on a percentage of spend, you are paying an agency for hitting mutually agreed benchmarks such as a Sale or a Qualified Lead. openTEAM has deep roots in performance marketing.


openTEAM brings the organizational discipline required to drive sales for your products or services. Whether you are utilizing a custom built ecommerce experience, or a platform such as Shopify, we have built and optimized successful campaigns for companies of all sizes.


With the value of a customer in hand, scaling your success through paid media becomes a valuable tool as you build out your application. openTEAM drive high quality, engaged users for Web and Mobile Applications and Games.


Good businesses thrive on great data. With the deep understanding of what is valuable to your team, openTEAM is able to craft specific onboarding funnels to ensure we are driving proper leads into your sales funnel.